01 August 2010

212/365 - Fiber and Herb

212/365 c2 - Fiber and Herb

31 July 2010

Mom initially bought this for herself, but after a week of taking the tablets and just drinking the Herbalife shake for breakfast and dinner, she decided to stop because she prefers to eat real meals. I am currently on my weight loss program, and although these tablets weren't really for weight loss, I decided to take it instead to up my takings of fiber and herb, since lunch is my only full meal for the day.

*** Jenn ***


10V said...

Hi...Nice click.
I was on the same programme couple of years back...Didnt help at all, infact i gained tremendously after stopping this programme.

good luck with it.

P.S. I was wondering if the widget can be rectified...I was really looking forward to SOOC this week :(

Jan said...

Those look like "horse pills". Good luck with the weight loss.

Shivam Agrawal said...

This is a great supplement, so it is more useful.labrada muscle mass gainer

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