05 August 2010

216/365 - I Gave In

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216/365 c2 - I Gave In

04 August 2010

Day 216 was sister's day off and she decided to stay at home. It's rare for the family to be complete, so mom said we will all eat out. I was worried about my food intake, but sadly, I was still a weakling. I gave in to temptation, and not only did I eat quite a lot for dinner, I also had a Cappuchoco crepe at Crepes and Cream. It was delicious, but there was a hint of guilt.

My sister said I should forget my diet for today because the family dinner should be something good. Well, setting aside my guilt, I did have a great time with my family - sharing stories, sharing views about the foods we ate, sharing hearty laughs, sharing time together. I think nothing could top that feeling - the great feeling that I am with my family, and that we are united.

*** Jenn ***


Arlene said...

That's tempting, Jenn! Taht can be a great treat to a weeklong diet (missing the sweets and so much carbs)

Nice take!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Glad you enjoyed your dinner. Cute shot.

Jan n Jer said...

Sometimes we just need to treat ourseleves to something sinfully delish!

Mama Zen said...

You have to have a break every once in a while!

Erin said...

Life is to be enjoyed...looks like you did.

Marice said...

aww that looks really tempting! san yan sis? sorry for the late visit!

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