08 August 2010

219/365 - My Messy Room

219/365 c2 - My Messy Room

07 August 2010

Ever since I decided to sleep in the living room floor, my room became a storage room for my many clutters. Realizing that my sister has used up 75% of the closet and it had clothes that she hasn't worn for a long time, I decided to start the cleaning process by taking out all her clothes, and transfer them to my side of the closet because my space was this tiny space in the end part. I decided to use the big space for my own clothes, because I am planning to go back in my own room.

I unrolled a thin foam mattress in the floor and dumped all of the clothes in my bed so I could fold them one by one. I took this picture when I got up to get a drink and seeing how messy it was when I came back, I opened my cell phone's camera for a shot.

Well, my room will never look like this anymore after I cleaned up. :)

*** Jenn ***


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