07 August 2010

218/365 - Vine Flower

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 2

218/365 c2 - Vine Flower

06 August 2010

On Day 218, I found myself having a camera with dead batteries, and a cell phone with battery about to die. Still, I took my cell phone with me as I went to the plaza for my morning jog, and in one of the open land in the old school, I saw this flower. Seems like a flower of a vegetable, but I wasn't sure what it was. I am sure just before the day ends the flower will wilt, so I took the chance to take a picture of it.

Glad I went for a morning jog today!

*** Jenn ***


AL said...

Good for you to jog, very healthy. It's nice to take photos of flowers in the morning, they're at it's best always.

Greyscale Territory said...

O so very pretty and delicate! Wonder if it is a morning glory variety!

Maia said...

It's a morning glory, greeting you on your morning jogging. Isn't that beautiful?
Your photo is excellent, couldn't make it better with a camera.

Carol said...

Pretty Morning glory...love the blue color!

Judy said...

What a perfect shot of that morning glory! I hope you managed to get another shot later, but if not, there is always tomorrow!

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