08 July 2010

188/365 - Money Money

Forever In Blue Jeans

188/365 c2 - Money Money

Been a while since I last posted for Shoot Me. I still take self portraits once a week, but because I had problems with PC, it was just now that I was able to catch up with the project 365 pictures.

I am a person who can really handle her finances wisely. Last week, I had a hefty amount to buy a netbook, and although there were a lot of choices, I still went for something that was below my allotted budget, so I would still have some money left.

I took this picture because a blog meme I joined asked bloggers to talk about how they love themselves in the financial aspect (you can read that HERE). I wanted to actually use these oh so big fake US dollar bills that my late dad used to received in one of the seminars he attended (it was a set of play money, 10 inches each), but I cannot find it anymore, so I just used the real Philippine money. This money will no longer in my hands in the days to come, so might as well take a picture of it already. Hahaha.

*** Jenn ***


Alicia said...

It looks like you are in deep thought. Great picture!

Jan n Jer said...

Good for you being a smart shopper. You show you are able to take care of yourself.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Such colorful money. US money is kinda of boring.

Marice said...

hows ninoy sissy? nice shot!

u may view mine here

charmie said...

Nice shoot though.. Contemplating something:)

Erin said...

I'm learning to be good with money, so good for you for already being there. Cute shot and I hope you like your netbook.

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