30 July 2010

210/365 - Steamed and Roasted

210/365 c2 - Steamed and Roasted

29 July 2010

In my efforts to lose weight, I decided to make lunch my only full meal for the entire day. I separated the drumstick and thigh parts of the roasted chicken mom brought home from last night, and I steamed it for my lunch for Day 210. Although my lunch is my only full meal, I also decided to eat just one cup of rice (i use a measuring cup as my base) so I would get the full potential of my plans.

Chicken is a good source of protein, but I wanted to up my intake on fibrous foods, so I also steamed some green beans to complete my meal. I love green beans! :)

*** Jenn ***


Carol said...

Green beans are my favorite veggie too. I could eat them every day. Your meal looks great! Good luck with the diet.

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