11 July 2010

191/365 - Jam Jam Bee

191/365 c2 - Jam Jam Bee

10 July 2010

From the time my friend Charmy got pregnant with her first child, I was already privileged to take a picture of her with the baby bump. Now that the baby celebrated his 1st birthday, of course I was there to be part of the celebration as well.

The party was held at Jollibee (Philippines' leading fast food chain), and maybe because it was Jolli - "bee" that they decided to put on a bumble bee costume for the little one. It was really cute seeing him like that... and what's best was that this kid was so used to people that we can just carry him around and he won't cry. Thanks to the bee butt, I was able to let him sit on the table by himself as I took pictures, but the decorations in the ceiling, the big tarpaulin and the cake next to the table just distracted him so much it was difficult to let him just look at the camera. Still, I am happy to be able to take this shot.

Happy birthday, bumblebee! May you grow up to be a fine man.

*** Jenn ***


Anonymous said...

Very cute little boy from an interesting angle!

Leora said...

What a little sweetheart. They don't stay this cute for long (as mother of two teenage boys who are "cute" in my eyes but look and act ever so different than they did as babes).

Nancy E said...

How sweet! I love the yellow and the candid.... Thanks for stopping by and posting on Bear too! :)

Manang Kim said...

Oh that is so cute little bumble bee!!

Streak of yellow

Jan n Jer said...

How sweet. He is a cutie!

Lynn said...

He is so precious -- makes you want to grab him up and kiss his cheeks, although my favorite part to kiss on a baby is the back of his neck.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Doesn't he look adorable in that little bee outfit.

Jan said...

What a darling capture of this "busy bee".

EG Wow said...

What an adorable bumble bee!

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