22 July 2010

202/365 - What Could it Be?

Forever In Blue Jeans

202/365 c2 - Editing

21 July 2010

With me okay now, I can go back to my Internet "duties." Hehehe. Late afternoon on Day 202, I heard of a photography contest, and with winners getting adventures in either Davao, Puerto Princesa (Palawan) or Cebu, it really made me eager to join. I wanted to try my luck on this contest because I still haven't set foot in Davao and Puerto Princesa... and although I already had nearly a week stay in Cebu last year, it's also one of the places I want to visit again.

I spend my night browsing my files for a picture I wanted to submit as an entry. I have about 5 pictures to choose from... and with maximum of 3 pictures to be submitted, I was having difficulty choosing which 3 pictures I will submit.

Regardless of what I end up choosing, I do hope it could be a passport to have a free out of town trip. I so wanted to fly again.

*** Jenn ***


Janis said...

You look tired. Good luck on the contest!

chubskulit said...

Goodluck sis, take a rest!

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Tracy said...

Internet duties are tiresome but they always seem to be top priority. Nice pose.

charmie said...

good luck sis :)

Marice said...

good luck to you sissy :)

u may view mine here

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