01 July 2010

181/365 - Thistle?

181/365 c2 - Thistle?

30 June 2010

Day 181 was a holiday - for this day was the inauguration of Noynoy Aquino as the 15th president of the Philippines. Since it was a holiday, the family decided to eat lunch out and do grocery shopping. Not that we didn't support the new president, we just figured most people would stay in their homes to watch the inauguration and it presented to be a good time for us to go out - no traffic jam for sure. :)

We were walking out of the subdivision when a plant caught my eye. It had little orange flowers, and because I always have my camera in my bag, I stopped for a while to take a picture of it. It looked like a thistle, but I am not sure. Still, I thought it was a blessing that I saw it and captured it with my camera.

*** Jenn ***


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