23 July 2010

203/365 - An Adult Fly

203/365 c2 - Adult Fly

22 July 2010

I went to the garden to go check if there are new flowers blooming, but the one flower that bloomed didn't look that good. Probably it was the rain that caused the flower not to bloom good... hopefully next time it would bloom good so I could take a picture of it, too.

What I did see was an adult housefly relaxing a leaf of hibiscus. It was a bit big so I aimed my camera on him, but of course I still couldn't get that much detail into the bug because I can't get any closer or I'd lose him. This is one of the reasons why I am hoping to own a DSLR... so I can get myself a macro lens and get details into little bugs that normal cameras cannot capture.

*** Jenn ***


Mike B. said...

Photo still looks great to me! Very colorful.

JETTRO said...

ganda naman ng mga image pang desktop wallpaper napadaan dito

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