31 July 2010

211/365 - Dilaw

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 2

211/365 c2 - Dilaw

30 July 2010

One of the plants in our garden started blooming, so I went over to take a picture. However, I took the picture quite late in the afternoon (at dusk), and the flower seemed to be already sleeping. During daytime, this flower looks really great with all the petals open. Still, I took a picture of it - seeing a flower in a different aspect is cool, too! :)

*** Jenn ***


AL said...

Nice macro shot Jenn and the dark background makes it more attractive!

bfarr said...

Interesting. I definitely stands out against the dark background.

Mike @ Slugyard said...

Looks sinister, like it's up to no good!

Judy said...

I have never seen a daylily after the blossom has peaked, like this! It is so interesting! Thank you for broadening my world!

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