15 July 2010

195/365 - Angus Maximus Overload

Forever In Blue Jeans

195/365 c2 - Angus Maximus Overload

14 July 2010

We slept with no electricity the night before, and we woke up still with no electricity. It was sister's day off so we just chit-chatted in bed, and our conversation led to me asking her if we could go out and just eat out. She will be meeting up with friends, so she said we can just eat early lunch and she will just meet up with her friends after we eat.

We were supposed to eat at Jollibee, but while in the jeep, she asked me if I wanted to eat at Greenwich (a pizza pasta food place) instead. I told her we just ate at Jollibee last Saturday, so okay, we can eat at Greenwich since I still haven't blogged about the place yet.

I have been craving for pizza for a week now, so when she asked me what I wanted, I told her I wanted to eat their overload pizza as it has more toppings than the regular pizza. New on the overload menu are the Angus Maximus and 5 Star Bacon... and since I will be eating carbonara pasta, too, I decided to just go for the Angus Maximus.

For an overload pizza, I wasn't really satisfied. Flavor wise, it was good, although it didn't have that pizza feeling that I was craving. I guess I was really used to eating Supreme pizza that I didn't really enjoy this one. However, it's not everyday that my cravings were satisfied, and it's not everyday that my sister treats out... so for this, I am thankful.

*** Jenn ***


Arlene said...

Basta libre, Jenn palagi yan masarap. :)

Yaps i feel the same way too with Greenwich pizza. But i love their other treats.

Nice photos of ya!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

It looks yummy. Sorry it wasn't as good as you hoped but nice shot.

Jan n Jer said...

Now that is a pizza...sorry it was not as tasty as you hoped. Great photo.

Jennifer said...

Nice of your sister to treat you to pizza :)

Halie said...

Good thing you were able to go out the day after the storm. Awful storm!

Marice said...

awww hand me over some! puhleesss! :)

u may view mine here

chubskulit said...

Sarap naman nyna sis.

Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

that's a yummy looking pizza...i haven't tried overload pizza sa greenwich yet..hayy it's been a long time since i visited the place...

mine is here

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