21 July 2010

201/365 - Water Crystals

201/365 c2 - Water Crystals

20 July 2010

I know it was just a few days ago that I took pictures of this flower and put it as my photo for the day, but me being sick really hindered me to take pictures. It was late in the afternoon when I heard a baby kitten cry, and I was a bit surprised why I could hear it loud and clear when all of our baby kittens have already passed on (transition to eating solid foods took a toll on them). When I went to the terrace, I saw a baby kitten, but how it got there was a mystery to me because our gate was closed. Brother thought maybe the mother carried the kitten in our place because it was raining and they needed shelter, and as cute as it looked, we couldn't really keep it because although the kitten was quite big and it has already opened its eyes, it still didn't have any teeth on, and it needed the mother to get some nourishment.

I heard another baby kitten's cry from a distance, and thought maybe it was a sibling. I decided to bring the kitten (the one in our house) over to the other sibling so they could be together. I realized that the mother cat might've given birth in our neighbor's garden, and it could be that the rain caused the mother to find another shelter.

After I dropped off the kitten, I noticed the flower with lots of raindrops, and since I was holding my camera (I was hoping to take a picture of the kittens), I decided to take picture of the flower instead.

*** Jenn ***


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