29 July 2010

209/365 - Stretching

Forever In Blue Jeans

209/365 c2 - Stretching

28 July 2010

I am now on my way to the new me, and aside from changing my diet and doing the morning walk/jog... I decided to do some exercises in the house as well. Currently, I am using some exercise poses I saw at an old Redbook magazine, followed by a 30-minute cardio dance routine. This was a picture of me doing the cooling down stretches, a good way of gradually slowing down the heart rate.

I only pray to be able to keep up with this program. I just have to - take a look, I really am very, very big already.

*** Jenn ***


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Good luck sticking with your program. You are on the right path.

Jan n Jer said...

Good for you...just take it one day at a time and stay focused on your goal. U CAN DO IT!!!

Carol said...

Way to go!!! Keep at it and you'll get to where you want to be. I look in the mirror every morning and scream "THAT CAN"T BE ME TAKING UP ALL THAT SPACE!" but it is and it's alot slower coming off than it was going on. We just have to keep trying.

Marice said...

patience and determination are a virtue :) good luck sis! you can do it!

u may view mine too here

Jan said...

Good for you, you can do it!

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