30 June 2010

180/365 - A Little Bird's Egg

180/365 c2 - Bird's Egg

29 June 2010

When I went out of the house first thing in the morning of Day 180, I was surprised to see some bird's feathers scattered in our terrace. The cats might have feasted on a poor bird again, but that's nature (even if they're house cats, they are still hunters) and I cannot really prevent them from killing birds. I took the broom and started sweeping, and this very little egg caught my eye. It was in the rug, and at first I thought it was a lizard's egg, until I showed it to my mom.

She told me it's not a lizard's egg for this one had designs, but the size of this egg made us question if it was really a bird's egg. We suspect that the bird was about to lay an egg when the cats caught the poor bird, and maybe out of fear the mother bird just laid an egg. The rug prevented it to crack, and after I found it, I just placed it in a plate of glass pebbles and other stones as part of the collection.

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