02 February 2010

32/365 - Banaba Tea

32/365 c2 - Banaba Tea

01 February 2010

Oh wow... entering the second month now. :)

Mojo was on a low level on Day 32, I tried taking pictures of flowers in the garden but I wasn't satisfied; I took pictures of my dinner, but wasn't satisfied either. While taking my tea before bedtime, I took a picture of my cup, and thought I already had my picture for today.

It was my sister who introduced the Banaba Tea in our house, when she was diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection. The leaves of banaba has been one of the popular medicinal plants here in the Philippines. Upon reading in the box that it also helps in lowering blood sugar and it helps in losing weight, I decided to drink it, too. After sometime, I stopped drinking it, but now that I am taking steps in another attempt in losing weight, I decided to eat no rice during dinner and take a cup of Banaba Tea before bedtime.

*** Jenn ***


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