14 February 2010

44/365 - Snail

44/365 c2 - Snail

13 February 2010

I was cleaning up the side of the house on Day 44 - trying to take out the dried leaves and clean the cats' feeding area. Somehow, as I transfered the plant pots into one area so I could hose out the dirt, I saw different kind of critters like earth worms and snails (and some insects I don't know of). I have taken pictures of earth worms, so as I put them back in the soil where they belonged, I took the snail in my hands, went inside to get my camera and went back outside for a little snail photo shoot.

I guess the snail was kinda injured as the water from the hose hit, but it could also be that the snail was already too small for the critter. I wanted to take a picture as it walks, but the shell can't stand upright. For the final set of pictures, I just placed it by the trunk of a euphorbia plant, waited until it comes out of the shell and shuttered away. Injured or not, I am happy the snail cooperated. I guess somehow it being a slow creature did allow me to take pictures without having to chase it.

*** Jenn ***


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