04 February 2010

34/365 - In High Heels

34/365 c2 - Fat Legs

03 February 2010

In the past month, my self portraits were all about showing my face (or its features), so for this week I decided to do something else. I saw this picture in Flickr "I, Me, Mine" group that I really liked, and thought of lifting it into my own. I used the light of the candle and wore my sister's high heeled shoes for the picture (the original had the woman in bare feet and used a lamp as a source of light).

Where to take the picture was a bit tough for me, and seeing our wooden wall in our living room, I set up the wooden divan seat and the tripod. I am 200+ lbs, and putting my weight on the shoes was tough, considering that the shoes were actually a half size smaller than my shoe size. Not only do I have to balance myself, I had to curl my toes a little as well. And, I had to be on the shoes as I stand on our divan seat. I was chanting a prayer for me to keep my balance, or else I might injure myself.

With the aid of the camera's self timer, I did several poses. After two shots, I would go down to check the picture, and adjust the camera before posing again. It was agony for me (well, for my legs and feet basically), but in the end it was all worth it.

Just so you know.. the skirt was actually short. If I would wear it, it's length would reach just above my knees, but because I have very big legs that would take up all the frame of the picture if I would wear the skirt like I'm supposed to, I decided to pull it down so part of it will be part of the picture. This was a very brave self portrait on my part as I don't have good skin - I actually had a lot of scars on my legs, but it's time to embrace myself - its flaws and all. I think this picture was a good step in doing just that.

*** Jenn ***


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