15 February 2010

45/365 - In Stitches

45/365 c2 - In Stitches

14 February 2010

It's Valentine's Day, and still... I have no one to celebrate it with.

But it's okay, I mean, Valentine's Day isn't just for the lovers, it's a day to express love - even for oneself.

I was browsing through my old fashion magazines to get some inspirations when I saw an undelivered love letter circa 2004, intended to be given to an ex boyfriend as I say thank you for the ring he has sent me. I have no use of the letter anymore, but the stationery I used was a personalized one - I cut out shapes of a heart and some flowers and stitched them into the paper. I didn't want to trash the art work that I made, and realizing it's Valentine's Day, I decided to tear out the heart from the stationery, took a part of the newspaper and took a picture.

I don't know if I could relate to the heart being in stitches or not... but somehow, I do hope in time this broken pieces of my heart will be picked up and stitched back together.

*** Jenn ***


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