10 February 2010

40/365 - Chloe Myiesha

40/365 c2 - Chloe Myiesha

09 February 2010

It was a very boring day for me on Day 40, and upon hearing our neighbor Charmy sharing a hearty laughs with the Jacelas (another neighbor), I went out to join in the fun. I realized that Charmy's nephew Hero wasn't there, and she told me that the little man was in the Villaranda's house. I saw them by the terrace, so I walked towards them to check what they were doing.

The kids were practicing how to write their name. Since it was already late in the afternoon, they were also having snacks apart from what they were doing. I wanted to take pictures of the Villaranda kids, but Chloe was a bit apprehensive. I was about to take pictures of her sister Caelyn, when I saw Chloe's look... so even if my lens seemed to be focused on Caelyn, I actually took Chloe's picture instead.

She wasn't really that aloof; maybe she wasn't really used in seeing me, let alone taking their pictures... but after a while she put down her walls. I took different pictures of her, but this is my favorite.

*** Jenn ***


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