11 February 2010

41/365 - Lazy Days

41/365 c2 - Lazy Days

10 February 2010

Boredom carried over Day 41... and I can't seem to think of a good way to have a self portrait. I don't know why I decided to do self portraits at least once a week; I don't even know how to pose for pictures. Watching America's Next Top Model sure gave me ideas on how to project, but I guess I can't let go of my own walls. Smiling on pictures is my security blanket, and I am always afraid to be caught on camera without a smile on my face as I always think I am ugly without it. Anyway, I took this picture while watching the evening news - I hoped to model the bracelet (which is my mom's, by the way) - but I still have to learn how to become a little easy in front of the camera.

*** Jenn ***


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