03 February 2010

33/365 - Purple Daisies

33/365 c2 - Purple Daisies

02 February 2010

The flowers from Sunday hasn't wilted yet, so I took more pictures of it. I concentrated on the daisies the most, because the mums were difficult to take pictures of. I have been using the flash whenever I take flower pictures indoors, but for this I used the aid of the desk lamp to illuminate the flowers.

Some of my shots seemed to be over exposed, some had weird petal colors because of the light. In the end I chose this. It's not normal to take pictures of flowers from below - we are used to take pictures from the top to show the details of the flowers... with this picture I just wanted to convey that flowers are still beautiful even if it was taken from below.

*** Jenn ***


julie said...

Jenn! I love this pic, ang ganda! :)

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