19 February 2010

49/365 - Mysterious Eggs

49/365 c2 - Mysterious Eggs

18 February 2010

I was watering the plants on Day 49, when something caught my attention. One of the pots had these little white ones, which I thought were mushrooms at first. I still haven't taken my picture of the day that time, so I told myself that after I watered the plants, I would get back in the garden and take pictures of the "mushrooms."

As I went on to finish my chore, I saw some more of the white ones in a different part of the garden. My curiosity got more aroused, and this time, I squatted to check it out. It certainly weren't mushrooms, but eggs. I quickly finished my chore so I could start taking pictures of my mysterious discovery.

True enough, the white ones were eggs. Eggs of what, I really can't tell. Could be that these were lizard's eggs, but I doubt it was, because I have seen real lizard's eggs, and they weren't as small as these. See the green leaf in the image? That leaf is just the size of my thumb, so the eggs were really so small (and so many) to become lizard's eggs.

Oh well, whoever owns the eggs, I am thankful I got my shot of the day. :)

*** Jenn ***


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