17 February 2010

47/365 - Lover Ant

47/365 c2 - Lover Ant

16 February 2010

I found myself lost once again. Realizing that I promised myself I would resort to taking pictures of ants should I get lost and don't have anything to take pictures of, I quickly went to the garden to make the ants my models.

Mom just took off parts of the hibiscus plant where the ants lived, and I thought that was the end of it, until I saw a trail of ants leading to a small plant in the garden. This plant had little flowers and had little berries (people call it the mistletoe plant), which the ants have been feeding off. These ants would gather the small berries - two to three ants would carry a berry - and amused as I was, I followed them. It was difficult to take their pictures, especially that I had to fire my flash as it was already around 7 in the evening. The orange metal fence by the garden gave me more hurdles as the flash would fill the image with light, but somehow I managed to get this shot - an ant carrying a flower from the plant, to who knows where - maybe the ant was having post Valentine's Day jitters and was about to give a lady ant a flower. Whatever his purpose be, I am just thankful that the ants never fail me whenever I am in need of something to take a picture of.

*** Jenn ***


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