09 February 2010

39/365 - Tea Time

39/365 c2 - Tea Time

08 February 2010

Second time to feature tea and third day in a row to include a flower in my picture. Mojo's not really declining, and I certainly am not running out of ideas for my project, it just so happened that I am liking flowers, and I am loving my tea. :)

On Day 39 I set up to do the laundry, as I took out the basket from the storage area, I noticed my mom's little collection of teapots. Well, she's not really into it, most of the teapots were given to her. Anyway, seeing them made me want to use them as subjects for my photo for the day, and while my clothes were spinning in the washing machine, I was clicking the shutter (hehehe, I am a good multi tasker). As you guessed it, I did use the flash here - it was noon time, the sun was way too bright, I thought of firing the flash to make some parts of the picture black.

I love flowers... but yes, I need to take a break from it, just to widen the horizon.

*** Jenn ***


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