01 February 2010

31/365 - Baby's Breath

31/365 c2 - Baby's Breath

31 January 2010

On Day 31, members of the Legion of Mary came to our house to pass on the image of the Our Lady of the Rosary. Every Sunday, the image is passed on to different houses, where it will take shelter for the week. The purpose is to promote praying of the rosary.

Aside from the image, the family who sheltered the image also offered some flowers and was sent off here as well. I loved the mix of daisies and yellow mums in the vases, but as I took pictures of the flowers, these itty bitty white flowers caught my attention more.

I am not sure, but I think these flowers were called baby's breath. Typically used as an add-on to bouquets, the flower wasn't really the "star of the show," yet without it, the bouquet seemed incomplete. This picture was a tribute to little flower.

*** Jenn ***


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