20 February 2010

50/365 - Bullfrog

50/365 c2 - Bullfrog

19 February 2010

Quite a blurry shot of the bullfrog... I only had one shot of him because he hopped away right after I shot the first picture. I don't know what was up with this frog - he was so cranky and all! When I put one of my kittens above the frog, it was still... but when the kitten went away and I aimed my camera on him, he started making noises and started moving. Ugh! Although I am generally not afraid of frogs, I don't want to get all icky and surprised if he jumps on me, so I was a bit cautious while aiming for a shot. Him not cooperating resulted to this blurry image. Oh well...

*** Jenn ***


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