07 February 2010

37/365 - Philipp and Joan

37/365 - Philipp & Joan

06 February 2010

Nearly two years ago, our neighbors and close family friends (the Ramas) welcomed the first baby in the household, Pau-Pau. She's the daughter of the Rama's eldest son Philipp and his girlfriend Joan, but the two didn't get married right away, because their families didn't want them to get married because of the pregnancy. At that time, they were newly college graduates, and their parents wanted them to explore life and test their wings first. Even if they didn't get married right away, they remained to be in the relationship, devoting their attention to become good parents to their daughter.

But of course, all's well that ends well. After testing their wings and exploring life, they proved to be each other's match, and they exchanged vows. It was a simple church ceremony, attended by family and close friends. Mom was one of their godmothers, and as much as I wanted to take much pictures, I just can't because I am just an attendee. This picture was taken during the opening part of the celebration.. since I sat by the end of the bench near a pot of flowers, I decided to take a quick shot of the flowers showing the couple at the background.

I am still in the process of resizing some pictures, more images from the wedding will follow in my personal blog.

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