18 February 2010

48/365 - Hopeless Romantic

48/365 c2 - Hopeless Romantic

17 February 2010

On Day 48, I used the mirror as a prop for my self portrait this week. Actually, this idea came about when I read the list for Kristi's February photo hunt game, and one of the items on the list was "your own reflection." Reflection could be literal or metaphorical (?), but for this one, I took it literally and went to my mom's room for some pictures.

At first it was indeed literal - me taking pictures of my reflection in the mirror, until I found a way to have two images of myself in just one picture. Seeing myself doubled up, I went on to play in the mirror, 'til I made this half a heart shape with my hand and as I put it in the mirror, it looked as if the heart was complete.

This picture wasn't the best of the bunch, but I chose this as my self portrait shot of the week because I took this picture with my eyes closed. Using the my right hand to form the heart, I used my left hand to hold my cell phone to get the shot. It was more of a faith shot - hoping I could get it right - and although the heart was a bit incomplete, I am happy with how this one turned out.

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