02 March 2010

60/365 - Electric Float Parade

60/365 c2 - Electric Float Parade

01 March 2010

My Aunt told me that there will be an Electric Float Parade along the Quezon Avenue in San Fernando, La Union so I didn't hesitate to come and witness it. The banners said that the parade will be at 6PM, and as early as 5:30PM I was already near the plaza so I could have a good place. I started getting annoyed when ushers asked us to go the other way because the place where we were at should be vacant. Add to that was the long time waiting. Imagine, the parade started at 10PM! My gosh! I was ranting the whole time - standing for four hours without any food and water wasn't a joke at all! But, because I was there already, might as well suck it all up and wait. In the end, it wasn't what I was expecting, but I am still thankful.

*** Jenn ***


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