14 March 2010

72/365 - Toblerone

72/365 c2 - Toblerone

13 March 2010

Mid February, I bought some chocolates - not because I am into it, but because I joined Kristi's photo hunt, and one of the items on the list was "chocolate." I am not into chocolates, but whenever I do, I go for bittersweet chocolates, and the Toblerone (black) is one of my favorites. I didn't bring this with me when I went to La Union, so seeing that brother didn't eat this (he ate the other chocolates I had in the bag), I decided to open it and take a picture of it.

I do love patterns! I love the repetitions, and I love how I get to play with depth of field to separate one part of the pattern with the rest. I only ate one triangle, and the rest I put in the fridge, and brother ate it bit by bit.

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