11 March 2010

69/365 - Me Want Ice Cream!

69/365 c2 - Ice Cream Night

10 March 2010

Mom went to the doctor for her eye check up, and she asked me to meet her and brother at the mall so we could eat lunch together. Something came up at the clinic, and mom just asked brother to meet me at the mall as mom still has to go to main office of the company she works for. After eating lunch, brother and I went to do grocery, and seeing the freezer filled with different ice cream tubs, I asked brother if we could buy a tub. I still haven't tasted the Pistachio and Cashew ice cream, so that's what I got.

It was delicious - but I realized that I still prefer the chocolate flavored ice cream and the strawberry, of course. At least I could say I was able to taste it in this lifetime. :)

*** Jenn ***


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