22 March 2010

80/365 - Ice Cream Fellowship

80/365 c2 - Ice Cream Fellowship

21 March 2010

The Christian Life Program of Singles for Christ starts anew this day, and a few days before, I was able to have a short Facebook chat with my friend Andrelee, and she said that she will also attend the CLP. We decided that we will be having a fellowship after the CLP, but because our co-household members didn't attend, it was just her and I.

We went to Ice Cream House sa Lagro for some (yes of course) ice cream. She had the banana split, while I had the Oreo Flurry, just so I could have two different pictures. :) I don't know if this ice cream parlor produces their own ice cream, but I wasn't able to fully enjoy this treat. Personally, I find the ice cream a bit too soft (it's like eating sundae) and a bit too sweet. Andre said it was good enough for her, so I guess the problem was on me, just because I don't really have a sweet tooth.

It was nice to be able to talk to Andre again. The last time we saw each other was August 2009, and we just have so many stories to tell to each other.

*** Jenn ***


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