06 March 2010

64/365 - Third Year

64/365 c2 - Third Year

05 March 2010

It has been three years since my father passed away, but I still miss him from time to time. I wasn't able to go to Baguio City the day before (which is my personal tradition since he died), so I had no flowers for him. I just took some bougainvillea flowers from a plant inside the cemetery so that my dad's grave would have a little life. This year, I visited him alone because Aunt had already visited his grave, and my own family had their own reasons for not coming. In a way, there is a negative side in having a departed loved one buried so far from where we live, but I am glad we decided to lay dad to rest here in La Union. Not only was he closer to his hometown, it also gives me reason to travel north. :)

*** Jenn ***


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