17 March 2010

75/365 - Smoke

75/365 c2 - Smoke

16 March 2010

The idea of this image came about in lunch. The right side of our two burner gas stove cannot ignite its own flame, so whenever we have to use it, we would light a barbecue stick using the flame from the left burner to light it up. When I turned off the flame from the stick, I saw some smoke forming and thought it would be nice to capture some smoke.

After dinner, I went by the sides of our dining area and set up a little photo shoot using the candle as my main star. I would light up the candle, focus my camera and keeping still, I would blew the flame in the candle and quickly press the camera's shutter. It wasn't an easy thing to do - I had to do it a very dark part of the dining area, and with no one to help me, it was very difficult not to move my right hand as it's already half-pressed while I try to blew out the flame in the candle. I consumed almost half of the matchsticks in the box, but in the end it was all worth it.

*** Jenn ***


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