26 March 2010

84/365 - Dinner at KKK

84/365 c2 - Dinner at KKK

25 March 2010

Day 84 was my mom's eye operation as well as my sister's dayoff from work. Mom's operation was actually an out-patient procedure, so she asked sister and I to come meet her and brother by lunch time at the mall. Sister and I got there in time for lunch, but mom sent a text message that they will be coming late because they still had to process some papers regarding the operation.

After having some crepes, which served as our lunch, sister and I roamed around the mall and checked out the new food places, so we would know where we would eat at next time. We passed by KKK and loved how the place looked like, so when the whole family met and did the grocery, we asked if we could have early dinner (which is also late lunch for sister and I) at the said food place.

We had Sisig ng Pampanga, Beef Kare-Kare, and Grilled Tuna Belly for dinner. It's a little tradition for me to take a picture of my food bearing the place's name, and since I already did a Kare-Kare toppings back then, I just used a slice of the tuna belly for my tradition shot. My verdict about the whole dining experience? 5 out of 5 spoons.

*** Jenn ***


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