31 March 2010

89/365 - Chicken Adobo

89/365 c2 - Chicken Adobo

30 March 2010

We planned to do a meat diet for the whole Holy Week, but then again, we realized that we had some meats in the fridge, and that if we don't cook it within the week, it might not be as fresh anymore. So, we decided to put thaw out the remaining chicken, and I cooked adobo out of it.

For the longest time, I have had a hard time cooking adobo, until early this year, when I tried sauteeing the ingredients first before simmering it. Now, I can say I have already found my way of cooking the dish, and on Day 89, I was able to cook the best tasting adobo I could ever produce. Was finally able to hit the good mix of saltiness and sourness, and paired with the garlic rice, it's just a wonderful feat.

One item in the bucket list crossed out. :)

*** Jenn ***


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