07 March 2010

65/365 - Burnay Man

65/365 c2 - Burnay Man

06 March 2010

Every now and then, whenever I go to La Union, I would travel to Vigan City (Ilocos Sur) first before heading back home. So many thoughts went through my head the night before, but before heading to sleep, I made up my mind to push through with my plans.

So many stops made in Vigan and so many pictures taken, but I chose this as my picture for the day because it's the first time I took a picture of a man working in the burnay factory. Burnay (clay pot) is one of Vigan's famous products, and I feel so proud that I passed by this factory. At least, I got another Vigan first! :)

I left Vigan 8:30PM that night. It was a great day to roam around.

*** Jenn ***


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