24 March 2010

82/365 - Dinengdeng

82/365 c2 - Dinengdeng

23 March 2010

My mom loves malunggay. For Day 82, she requested for us to cook dinengdeng with malunggay since we still have some left over fried fish in the fridge. We decided to have papaya-malunggay dinengdeng for dinner, which is one of my favorite dinengdeng.

If you're interested how this is cooked, it's just plain and simple. Boil in enough water with fish bagoong and gingerroot, then add the young papaya slices. Add in the fried fish and malunggay, simmer for a minute, cover and turn off the stove and give it a few time for the veggies to cook in its own heat. Who says dinner should be complicated?

*** Jenn ***


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