25 March 2010

83/365 - Shower Time

83/365 c2 - Shower Time

24 March 2010

I took in different pictures as part of my photo for the day, but come nighttime, when I was about to write in my planner, I realized that it was a Wednesday, and I had to do a self portrait! I am starting to ran out of ideas, so I just said to myself I will be taking my night shower to think it over. As the water hits my body, I reminisced the time I did the "water and light" series, but none of those pictures featured my face. So I took my cell phone, and started to do part two of the "water and light" series.

I tried different angles and shots, but since I had to save up on water, as soon as I took this picture and liked it, I already stop. I don't really mean to get all x-rated, good thing my hair was long enough to cover the things I needed to cover.

*** Jenn ***


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