29 March 2010

87/365 - Palm

87/365 c2 - Palm

28 March 2010

Day 87 is Palm Sunday, and I did plan to go to a bigger church where there were more people (hence more images to take pictures of), but somehow I wasn't able to. In the end, I just had to content myself taking pictures of our own palm. :)

Mom got to buy this palm from a vendor walking around the neighborhood. It wasn't as pretty as the palms being sold in the market, but I guess I just had to take a cue on its simplicity. I tried different angles, but as the sun goes down, I hoped to get a silhouette shot of it. However, the sun was a bit too bright, and when I took this picture, the sun ray hit the glass window where I placed the palm giving out a bright rays of light. Being a fan of the sun flare, I found this a little cute.

It's the start of the Holy Week for us Catholics... may we have a blessed, and reflective week ahead.

*** Jenn ***


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