28 March 2010

86/365 - Earth Hour 2010

86/365 c2 - Earth Hour 2010

27 March 2010

It's the third year that the Philippines joined Earth Hour, but in the first two years of it I wasn't able to take part because I was not at home. So when I found out that I didn't win tickets to Timbaland's concert (scheduled today), I just told myself "at least I could take part of Earth Hour."

As soon as the clock turned 8:30PM, I took the candelabra outside and lit up its candles. There weren't much to do, so I just took pictures of "darkness" before I updated my planner. Not all houses in our neighborhood joined the Earth Hour, but if an hour of no lights meant something good, then I am happy to be doing it.

*** Jenn ***


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