18 March 2010

76/365 - Flower Power

76/365 c2 - Flower Power

17 March 2010

I don't know why, but I was singing the Eraserheads' "Shake Yer Head" on the shower on Day 76, and giving emphasis on the line "I ain't no stupid fighter, I go for flower power," I came out with this one. Not too much inspiration on this day as I was greatly complaining about my hurting back, so seeing this one seemed okay, I just stopped. It's not a fun thing to do to pose for pictures when I am feeling some aches, guess I will just have to make up next time.

The flower on my head was actually an embellishment on my old pair of sandals - the sandals were trashed already, but since the flowers still looked good, I decided to take it out and keep it.

*** Jenn ***


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