02 January 2010

01/365 - Sweet Music

01/365 c2 - Sweet Music

01 January 2010

Somewhere in the middle of the neighbors' New Year's Day party, the kids from Children's Joy Foundation arrived and performed for us. They met my mom two years ago in mom's office, and since then they would come every Christmas season to perform some Christmas carols as part of their fund raising activity.

Apart from the Christmas carols, the violinist and the guitar players also performed some love songs - in this picture, they performing "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers. Very sweet! These kids live in an orphanage, and I am happy to see that even if they don't have families to live with, the foundation was taking good care of them - honing their skills and developing their talents. They may be "incomplete," but they are so complete in some aspects as well.

*** Jenn ***


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