14 January 2010

13/365 - Guitarwoman

13/365 c2 - Guitarwoman

13 January 2010

Wednesday is self portrait day, and since I am running a little game on a forum I joined in (this week I am posting "silhouette" shots), I thought about converging two together. The only viable place to take silhouette shots was in my brother's room, because his bed was just by the window. My brother owns a guitar, so I thought of using it as a prop.

However, I think now that the silhouette approach to taking my picture with the guitar may not be a good idea, as I cannot see the guitar in whole. If not for the stem in the guitar, lookers may not realize I have a guitar.

Not a good shot, but I did learn a lot with this image. Silhouettes are fun to take pictures of, and I plan to re-shoot this and apply the things I learned about.

*** Jenn ***


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