20 January 2010

19/365 - Taking Shelter

19/365 c2 - Taking Shelter

19 January 2010

The first rain of 2010 came on Day 19, giving more chills to the already chilly day people are experiencing. Still, I watered the plants because part of our terrace's roof extends to the garden, and some plants weren't able to receive a shower from the sky. As I turn on the hose, I saw this little fellow in one of the plants, trying to take shelter. I immediately went back inside the house, grabbed my camera and seeing that they spider was still there, I aimed for a picture. A very willing model this one, is, but after a few shots, it just jumped and disappeared. Maybe the flash was a bit too much for this fellow to handle.

*** Jenn ***


upto6only said...

wow love your shot Jen. Ganda :)

I wanted to do this 365 days project, just couldn't find time with the busy sched here in the office

thess said...

ang ganda nito Jen!

ShutterHappyJenn said...

Thanks so much, Iana and Thess!

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