16 January 2010

15/365 - Partial Solar Eclipse

15/365 c2 - Partial Solar Eclipse

15 January 2010

Upon hearing from the news the previous day that there will be a partial solar eclipse, I expected for it, and checked the time and the sun every now and then... The eclipse started about 3:30 in the afternoon, and although there was just a small part of the sun covered by the moon at that time, I enjoyed the view as I could see it without obstructions. However, as time ticks by, slowly the sun was hiding at the back of the house fronting ours.

I thought that was the end of my eclipse watching. I tried going out of the house and find spaces between houses if I could see the sun, but I just can't. After an hour, I went to our terrace and spotted the sun - still hiding at the back of our neighbor's house, but I was able to take a peek somewhere. I placed about four sheets of negatives by the lens of my camera and zoomed it in so I can take a photo. The house fronting ours have a balcony on the second floor of their house, if only there were people there, I could just go to their balcony and watch the eclipse, but I wasn't lucky today, so I just have to be contented with this. The clothesline on the balcony was a clutter in the shot, but what can I do, right? At least with this I could say I was able to see the eclipse.

*** Jenn ***


Mauie Flores said...

Better shot with the clothesline than nothing at all. That is the longest solar eclipse of this millennium so we will not be seeing one in a thousand years.

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