24 January 2010

23/365 - Apples

23/365 c2 - Apples

23 January 2010

On Day 23, mom, brother, and I went to do grocery shopping because we are already running out of stocks. We decided to just do it at the regular SM Supermarket, and although mom and brother were rushing me, I am happy that I was able to bring my cell phone. Whenever we do grocery shopping, we try to pass by the fruit / vegetable section, just to feed our eyes with the colorful display. And because I have my cell phone in my hands, I took a picture by the section. I love how the Granny Smith apples look like, but I don't really like the taste of it as it's way too sour for me. Even without the digital camera, I was happy I was able to take a picture for the day.

*** Jenn ***


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