27 January 2010

26/365 - The Center of the Heart

26/365 c2 - The Center of the Heart

26 January 2010

In a forum I belong to, I put up a thread with a niche in photography, and to make it different from the photography threads, I decided to make it a photo hunt, with different themes every week. This week's theme is "leading lines," and because I cannot access my 0ld files (2007 - early 2009) because our PC cannot read the DVD ROM drive, I am running out of pictures to post that go with the theme. I don't want to skip a day, so for Day 26, I thought of taking a picture that depicted the theme of the week.

I struggled a bit with how to do a "leading lines" photo, but seeing these bunch of pencils we got for free when we did the grocery shopping, I knew I just had to use it. Letting the points of the pencils meet up in circular mode was a bit cliche, many people have done it already, so I thought of putting something in the middle to emphasize the leading line in the image. For this, I used a metallic heart eyelet, which is something used in scrapbook layouts.

*** Jenn ***


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