22 January 2010

21/365 - A Visitor

21/365 c2 - A Visitor

21 January 2010

This day marks my parents' 32nd wedding anniversary. They only shared it for 29 years because dad passed away nearly 3 years ago, but still mom has all the reasons to celebrate their anniversary.

While cooking dinner, I thought about what this day is, and out of nowhere, a moth flew in and played with the light bulb. In my paternal hometown, people tend to believe that if a butterfly or a moth, or any inscet came in and stayed in the house or if it's an unusual insect, it meant that a departed loved one was over for a visit. It was my first time to see a moth like this, and given the meaning of the day was, I think this is my dad visiting, just to greet mom a happy anniversary.

*** Jenn ***


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